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Jobs in The North Sea

Airswift is one of the leading staffing resources for companies in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We work together with major corporations like BP, Shell, and Exxon Mobil in order to provide the world with enough energy to effectively operate automobiles, electronics, machinery, and just about everything else it takes to run the economy.

With offices in Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, we are looking to place workers off the coast of Europe into jobs in the North Sea to meet the demand of growing energy production in the area.

Where will I be located?

The two countries in the North Sea region with the highest number of job vacancies are the United Kingdom and Norway; these two nations own the most offshore oil rigs. People from all over the world come to work on these oil rigs and we want to help you to utilise your talent in our North Sea locations.

How is North Sea oil production progressing?

Recent tax breaks and an increased need for energy have made offshore vacancies in North Sea energy production rigs higher than ever. The highest energy-producing countries in the North Sea region are also looking to expand their efforts and increase production in areas that haven’t been previously tapped.

If you’re looking for a career in the North Sea region, opportunities will not dry up anytime soon. We plan to keep recruiting staff until production hits a peak in a couple of decades, and after that, we’ll need even more qualified workers to look for further energy reserves in places geologists deem as viable for future energy production.

Are you a manager looking for talent to join your workforce?

Airswift also works with North Sea companies to provide staffing solutions for their specific needs. When you work with us on your next project, you’ll find that our candidates meet over 90% of your job description qualifications. We also provide an extensive host of HR services, including background checks, drug screenings, payroll and contract negotiations.

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Jobs in The North Sea