Lead Field Service Technician

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Netherlands, Netherlands

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Job description


He / she is part of the Field Service group, works on location and in the workplace.


- He / she independently performs malfunction and maintenance work on machines.

- the work may consist of various machines such as:

piston compressors, centrifugal compressors, turbines and pumps.

- the first fitter works independently and is ultimately responsible for his own work and the quality thereof.

- he / she supervises 2 to 3 second technicians.

- he / she must carry out his work systematically and systematically.

- the first engineer communicates with the customer.

- he / she also communicates with colleagues and direct managers, for example about the planning, execution of the work, orders etc.

- reports to the Manager Field Service.


- locating a fault

- collection of required materials and tools

- reading and interpreting machine drawings

- consult machine manuals or manuals

- analyzing the malfunction using measuring equipment

- rectifying a malfunction by changing or repairing parts

- adjusting a machine after a malfunction or maintenance

- test run with the machine

- advising customers about the use of the machine

- advise on preventive maintenance

- making a measurement report


- pneumatics

- hydraulics

- electrical engineering

- solving simple and more complex malfunctions in the measuring and control part of machines

- welding work

- performing simple machining operations

- perform alignment with alignment computer


- carefully and accurately

- signaling and in particular solving thinking

- high quality awareness both technically and service

- stress resistant must be able to work well under time pressure

- under all circumstances he / she must meet the quality and safety requirements

- good communication skills are important both to colleagues and to the customer

- willingness to learn for maintaining and expanding craftsmanship.

- Follow developments and integrate and apply

- customer-friendly, he / she is the calling card of the company

- have good commercial awareness


Responsible for:

- state of maintenance and safety of tools

- stock management of materials and tools in our own bus

- tracking and recording of hours and materials

- quality of the work of the second engineer

- Managing the order book during the project.

Supplement this with:

* orders placed with suppliers

* completed start work meeting / toolbox meeting / workplace inspection / LMRA ticket

* Time Reports signed by the customer

The order book must be submitted to the administration within 3 days after the end of the project.

- Entering the worked hours every week and returning it to the administration

- Creating revision reports


For each project, the 1st engineers ensure that work is carried out in such a way that the HSE risks are limited.

- He / she ensures that the measures and resources required for the HSE are laid down and discussed with the employees in time for the benefit of the work.

- He / she ensures that a rigid work meeting is held. See Form 4: Attendance list for starting work meeting

- He / she ensures that an LMRA has been performed.

- He / she gives task-oriented instructions and information to employees about SHE matters.

- He / she ensures that the toolbox meetings are held. See Form 4: Toolbox meeting attendance list.

- He / she coordinates HSE activities within the group.

- He / she takes the initiative to discuss and record the necessary SHE measures / resources with those involved at the work preparation stage.

- He / she sees to it that the HSE bottlenecks are identified by means of workplace inspection. See Form 5: Workplace inspection.

- He / she points out, among other things, to the employees before starting work:

  • compliance with the HSE legislation.
  • the HSE rules and / or procedures that apply to the work and where these are recorded.
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment.

- He / she gives instructions regarding work to which special HSE risks are attached and is present in certain cases and keeps records.

- He / she takes care of:

  • the prevention of danger to persons other than employees.

- He / she ensures medical care immediately after a serious accident is warned