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Houston, Texas, USA

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Our client, a major oil and gas company, is seeking a Gas Controller to work within their facilities located in Houston, Texas. Schedule: 24/7 Shift Operations - 12 Hrs/day - Monday to Sunday

The first few months are straight days Monday thru Friday 12 HRs - 5AM to 5:15PM

The Gas Controller will monitor and operate the pipeline system from the main control room, via SCADA system, so that it will be carried out according to the pipeline asset management plan, contracted commitments and applicable regulations.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Performing administrative processes to ensure compliance with commercial obligations related to gas accounting. Including nominations, confirmations & assignments, packaging balance and calculation, reports and natural gas specifications.
  • Implement systems to ensure compliance with contractual obligations included in the Transportation Services Contract and in the Interconnection, Measurement, Balance, Operation & Communication Agreements; including any other deal or contract linked to the pipeline, that concerns his/her area of responsibility.
  • Ensure a timely compliance of pipeline operation obligations established by laws, regulations and standards.
  • Keep timely and open communications among all the pipeline operative areas with the means and tools provided.
  • Understand and manage the facility performance and risks, to maintain a 100% system availability.
  • Manage any unusual pipeline system situation, jointly with the maintenance personnel and or the external operative clients, as established by the contract or connection agreement.
  • Understand commercial contracts, including the interaction with operative clients and neighbors.
  • Manage and coordinate the emergency response in compliance with all plans, programs and procedures.
  • Carry out the guidelines for a reliable, complete and clear shift change of the pipelines operational control to the following gas controller.
  • Must have basic experience and knowledge in the operation, requirement control and the supervision of high pressure natural gas transportation systems.